Every project begins with an idea, a seed.

seeds studios' passion for architecture, sustainable planning and design lies in the balance of providing a thriving experience for the users who will inhabit the space, while positively impacting the surrounding environment. 

seeds studios is an award winning, licensed architectural practice dedicated to environmental and community improvement.  Through our unique approach of leveraging the most advanced technology and Building Information Modeling from the outset of all projects that we are able to help owners and stakeholders see the forest before planting the seeds. 

seeds studios provides services include managing projects from Schematic Design through Construction Administration including;

Aid owners with Planning and Programming of projects.

Develop Schematic Design packages to explore design options.

Evolve Design Development packages. 

Coordinate and establish Construction Documents. 

Aid Owners attain permits from regulatory agencies. 

Prepare and coordinate Bid Documents.

Administrator project construction contracts through leading construction job meetings, recording progress and verifying contractor pay applications.

In summary, seeds studios exists through His grace to help create uniquely meaningful design solutions so people can LIVE, WORK, CARE and PLAY better.

Let's plant some seeds together.